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Meet Our Team

September International Organizing Committee

Managing Director: Bonnie Kibbie, Mary Coldren
Secretary: Bambi Glaccum, Amanda Embree
Operations Manager: Jeff Kibbie
Safety Coordinator, Hospitality Chair: Tammy Whiteman
Volunteer Chair: Liz Harrison
Sponsorship Management: Mythic Landing Enterprises
Sponsorship Hospitality: Mini Young, Jill Hunt
Vendor Chair: Jill Hunt
Tailgate Chair: Colleen Mooney
PFI Merchandise: Diana Rowland, Cassie Plumb
Trophies and Awards: Kristin LaDow, Katie LaDow
Program/Advertising Chair: Andie Chalfant, Chalfant Graphics
Press Officer: Amber Heintzberger
Social Media Management: Mythic Landing Enterprises
Stabling Manager: Julie Ellis
Rider Liaisons: Fylicia Barr, Ryan Wood
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