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History and Founder

PFEE, Inc was founded in 1985 as Fair Hill Equestrian Events, Inc by Mr. Denis Glaccum. Denis is a former member of the United States Equestrian Team’s Three-Day Event Committee, a former Secretary, Vice- President, and Board Member of the United States Combined Training Association (now USEA), and former Chairman of the USEA’s Strategic Planning and Organizers Committees. Denis is the founder of Plantation Field Equestrian Events (formerly Fair Hill Equestrian Events) and former President of the American Horse Trials Foundation. He has served on the United States Equestrian Federation Events and Course Designing Committees. Denis has operated multiple horse trials throughout Area II for more than 30 years, and in 2001 initiated the running of horse trials at our current location of Plantation Field in Unionville, PA. Although retiring from being the Director and Organizer in 2013, Denis continued to oversee event operations as President of the Board of PFEE, Inc. until announcing his retirement at the end of 2021. Denis continues to serve PFEE as the President Emeritus and and active Board Member. 


In addition to his committee and organizational work, Denis is an active rider and horseman himself, having competed in horse trials from 1956 to 2012. He has twice been named the United States Combined Training Association Rider of the Year. He trained for two years with the United States Equestrian Team and has competed at the National Horse Show in Madison Square Garden in four different equestrian disciplines.


Denis was honored by the USEA for his long-term commitment to the sport by being awarded the Wofford Cup in 2000.  In 2001 he was named The Chronicle of The Horse’s Horseman of the Year for Eventing, and in 2009 he was inducted into the USEA Hall of Fame. He was named the 2020 recipient of the PFEE Equestrian Legends of Unionville Award. For countless years, he has been a starter for the Cheshire Point to Point Races, the Pennsylvania Hunt Cup, and a patrol judge for the Fair Hill Races. Denis maintains a small breeding, training, sale, and working student program in Unionville, PA and Aiken, SC.


Plantation Field

Plantation Field, previously known as Logan's Field, was the property of Mr. Logan, who built the stone foundation that can still be seen on the property, using stone from an on-site quarry. Despite his efforts, Mr. Logan could never convince his wife to move so far out to the country, and a home was never completed.

The property earned its current name when, in the early 1940's, the local Boy Scout troop received permission from then-owner Mr. and Mrs. Stewart to plant bushes on the property. When referencing their project the Scouts (and eventually the Stewarts) would speak of the location as the "old plantation field" and thus, Plantation Field was born. PFEE, Inc is grateful to Mr. Cuyler Walker, a grandson of Mr. Stewart, for preserving this beautiful open space and for continuing to allow the sport of eventing to thrive in Unionville. 

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